LOGMA is a lavish invitation to some lip smacking, scrumptious bites. UAE’s culinary treasure LOGMA offers rich decadent Emirati and Khaleeji cuisines. It’s truly a hidden gem located in Box Park among many other eateries. LOGMA is the answer to your cravings for all things Emirati. The home-grown brand has grown to be an instant favorite among locals and expats alike. Last weekend, we were invited to indulge in their new menu with some more delicious, appetizing & heavenly Khaleeji bites for Suhoor ❤

Did you know LOGMA was voted as top #DubaiHiddenGems at Dubai Food Fest 2017. For those who are eager to try Dubai’s traditional cuisines, this place is a MUST visit. To all the Logma lovers, Logma is now open till 4am during Ramadan nights. So head down to try their New Logma Menu and spoil yourself with some delicious khaleeji bites.

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The restaurant has a very lively ambiance. They have both outdoor and indoor seating, a family friendly space. The restaurant has a beautiful inspiring contemporary Arabic interior. The decor has kept minimalism reminding people of traditional, colorful designs. Their decor depicts true culture in a modern setting. The interior is full of warm and strong colors (red, orange, yellow and blues) Loved the antique hanging Lanterns from the roof, the significant camel pattern on the back of chairs, vibrant colored walls, Dubai’s skyline, every little detail adds that contemporary twist to Logma. The background music was up to beat, one can feel the cultural vibes all around the place while munching on those Khaleeji bites. The service was prompt and the staff was very friendly & helpful. We highly recommend this restaurant. Can’t wait to visit again and try the other dishes and desserts!

From the NEW MENU at Logma, we relished new and classic authentic Khaleeji treats including;


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  • LOGMA FRIES AED 28 – The signature logma fries seasoned with Khaleeji spices are super addictive, leaves you craving for more.
  • CHICKEN SAMBOOSA (new) AED 32 – had a filling of cheddar, herbs and chicken, sprinkled with sun-dried pesto. They were crisp, crunchy and soft cheesy from the inside. We seriously finished them off in a glimpse. Perfect snack for Ramadan.
  • KHALEEJI WINGS AED 38 – The spicy wings were flavored in homemade sauce. It had a different flavor because of the Khaleeji spices. Loved it!


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  • LOGMA KHAMEER CHICKEN SHAWARMA AED 32 – The sandwich had big chicken chunks, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber and garlic mayo filling.
  • LOGMA TIKKA PARATHA (new) AED 42 – spicy tikka filling was not too spicy but the presentation was lovely. The taco shaped parathas were filled with tomato, onion, coriander and served with mint sauce.
  • LOGMA CHICKEN BIRIYANI (new) AED 55 – The traditional yellow colored rice containing a meld of khaleeji aromatic spices, with dry fruits, nuts and tender pieces of chicken with traditional rich flavours leaving you wanting for more. Must try their Fish Biryani!


  • DUBAI NIGHTS (new) AED 35 – This Mocktail was the combination of berries with lychee  and was very tasty and refreshing.
  • JUMEIRAH BLUES (new) AED 35 – Blue breezy Lagoon mocktail was combined with lime and mint.
  • ICED KARAK AED 24 – is an absolute favorite. All the karak chai lovers must try this!!! Highly recommend this one!

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  • CHEBAB KATAYEF AED 42 – are thin and lacy stuffed Arabic pancakes. If you have never tried katayef , in your first bite you get the crisp and crunchy exterior, then comes the filling with dates, the melted Mascarpone cheesy center, sweetened by the syrup with hints of mastic, which is the perfect balance to the crunchy exterior. It is a joy to experience how the different textures play off each other, drizzled with Saffron cardamom syrup and served with vanilla ice cream; you have a dessert that you won’t soon forget.


Lugaimat is our most favorite traditional Emirati dessert. The soft, fluffy delectable fried dumplings are drenched in sugar syrup 😻 They are being served with various toppings now at Logma which includes Lotus, Oreo, Nutella, Berries, White/ Milk chocolate🍫, Salted Caramel and Honey🍯 It’s a firm favorite at Iftar experiences during the Holy Month of Ramadan 🌙 Nothing beats Logma’s traditional Lugaimat. This is always a happy ending on every visit. We can never get enough of these sweet dumplings. We tried two toppings;

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Irresistible Lugaimat 😍🙌🏻 My most favourite traditional Emirati dessert. These soft, fluffy delectable fried dumplings are drenched in sugar syrup 😻They are being served with various toppings now @LogmaUAE which includes Lotus, Oreo, Nutella, Berries, White/ Milk chocolate🍫, Salted Caramel and Honey🍯 It's a firm favourite at Iftar experiences during the Holy Month of Ramadan 🌙 Have you tried #LogmaNewMenu❣️#RamadanwithDXBmuncher ___________________________________________________________ Follow snapchat for more updates 👻komalshami . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ________________________________________________________________ #DXBMuncher #Eatoutdxb #Dxbreakfasts #Tastedubai #UAEfoodie #Dubaifoodie #DubaiBestEats #DubaiInfluencer #UAEInfluencer #DubaiBlogger #DubaiFoodBlogger #UaeBlogger #FoodiesDubai #FoodReviewer #Zomato #Foodforthought #Foodporn #FoodPhotography #F52grams #InstaDubai #Instagood #Foodstagram #Foogasm #MyDubai #IgersDubai

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  • LOTUS LUGAIMAT AED 36 – with biscoff spread and Lotus crumbs. Anything with Lotus drives us crazy so Must try if you are a Lotus lover.
  • OREO LUGAIMAT AED 36 – white milk, milk chocolate, sprinkled with oreo crumbs. What a deadly combination of heavenly toppings?! Literally the Logaimat just melts in your mouth. They are super addictive and so comforting.
  • Karak Crème Brûlée AED 43 – Karak flavored creme brulee. Anything with karak sounds good but the combo of this dessert with karak was deadly!!! It features a much sought after twist on your classic crème brûlée. The key to this drool-worthy infusion lied in its contrasting texture with a hard caramel top and creamy goodness below. The minute our spoon cracked open the top, we could catch the familiar scent of Karak spices delicately combined into the crème brûlée.

For Catering Enquiries – events@logma.ae

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