Saj Bistro is an East Mediterranean fusion restaurant that serves traditional meals with a fresh, savory twist! There are many good options for Middle Eastern cuisines in Dubai right now but not all of them serve such freshly made goodness with high quality ingredients, food full of flavor and that too all day long. They are open 24/7 and have an extensive range of menu offering delicacies that are not only luscious but lip smacking good.

Their tagline perfectly describes their food, ambiance and impeccable service. They make every dish combining best ingredients with their chef’s expertise.  If you are you obsessed with Middle Eastern cuisine, Saj should be your perfect option for fresh, healthy bites.

Located at Aspin Towers, the restaurant delivers a filling breakfast. They offer both veg and non-veg options. They have a unique & distinctive taste, embodying a fusion of the Levant and flavors from India, East Asia and America.

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Wild Berry Swirl and Mango Mania (19 AED) are their refreshingly good blended drinks. They also offer fresh juices, lemonade, Laban Aryan, soft drinks, hot beverages like coffee and tea, apart from blended drinks.

Saj Bistro Salad (38 AED) – Fresh greens mixed with avocado, dates, corn, black beans, feta cheese in peanut lime-vinaigrette, topped with grilled chicken breast pieces.  An absolutely healthy bowl of salad and yet so yummy! Worth trying!

Shish Barak (32 AED) is a traditional Lebanese dish, made of tiny meat dumplings cooked in a plain yogurt stew with Armenian spices served with a tangy sauce. This was one of the highlights from our dining. I have never tried such delicious dumplings before. The subtle aromas from the mint, cilantro and garlic were just flawless.

Pakora Chicken (34 AED) is a fusion of Mexican and Indian cuisine. Crispy chicken bites were wrapped in warm saj tortillas accompanied with spicy lime pickle dip. We loved this one, esp. the texture, crunch and ingredients were so fresh, the saj tortilla was really really soft. This one is one of our favorites and a MUST try!!

Hummus with Shawarma (26 AED) served with their homemade Saj bread. The shawarma meat was juicy, spicy and cooked to perfection, hummus was very tasty. Not a hummus fan but this one totally had me and I enjoyed this appetizer very much.

Muhamara and Cheese (18 AED) a thin flat bread was wrapped in a warm cheesy filling.

Buffalo Chicken (34 AED) Spicy Buffalo chicken Saj wrap was appetizing, covered in ranch sauce, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, though we still adore the pakora chicken more.

Halloumi Burger (42 AED) halloumi thick juicy, succulent patty was grilled to perfection, topped with dried figs with fried onions served with French fries.

Lotus Waffle (26 AED) is a must-have dessert for all lotus lovers. Warm lotus waffle was topped with vanilla ice cream and crunchy caramel sauce. Hands down, they serve one of the best lotus desserts in Dubai.

Kunafa with Qashta (22 AED) Kunafa is an Arabian dessert; it’s a fancy, classy, and a sophisticated delight. This kunafa was served with qashta (clotted cream).

Saj Bistro served simple, tasty, healthy and homemade food. They also served homemade spice with our main course which was really distinctive. They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and all day dining. It’s a great place to grab a bite. We liked everything about this place! The service and the ambiance enhanced our dining experience, the heartfelt service, fresh food and the fact that it is open 24 hours was a plus. All in all we would rate this place 4/5!!!


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