Molecular Gastronomy meets Mexican|Italian fusion

After a colossal success with SPICE KLUB, Mohit Bhojwani introduced an extremely popular franchise from Mumbai named “Quattro Ristorante” in Dubai, themed on Molecular Gastronomy; this fine dining is Dubai’s newest Mexican and Italian spot. This progressive all Vegetarian Restaurant threw down the gauntlet to other restaurants in Bur Dubai, we’ve been totally hooked. Explore a new take on flavor, presentation & taste.

Who knew Mexican and Italian mash up could taste so good? We were invited on a tasting session by “Quattro Dubai”. They had an amazing set menu for the night. The menu offers their most delectable appetizers, luscious mains and, palatable desserts. The 100% vegetarian dishes, served with a molecular twist were a gastronomical glee and a blissful sight also. Every successive dish we tried has varied from good to terrific, with most squarely on the “terrific” end of gamut.

They had a chic, lively and striking interior. Cheerful Allure of Yellow and Blue gives a buoyant, euphoric sensation. This dynamic duo creates comfort and harmony and enhances the interior with natural and pleasing touch. Whereas, the tree adds a real punch to a tranquil atmosphere. We love how the place is utterly simple and yet dashingly modern and contemporary. Brick, Wood & Metal ushers in the industrial charm. Exposed ceiling beams and even untreated surfaces combine beautifully to shape smart, unique dining with a debonair industrial flair completing this picture-perfect look.


To get the fiesta started, the Appetizers were served, Risotto Palle, Taquitos, Filo Parcels and Corn Cake Avocado Salsa along with yummy Italian & Mexican sauces, dips and spreads. The killer combo of Italian and Mexican cuisines would leave any meat lover astounded. To our imagination we loved every single appetizer we tasted. It’s too hard to choose so we would recommend ’em all!

                Click on the pictures above to see the names 
  • Most Favorite exotic side dish or hors d’ouvres is Risotto Palle or Arancini. They are essentially Rice croquettes made from left over risotto. They are a classic street food sold all over Naples, Italy. A combination of Quattro’s signature creamy risotto and cheese, crumbled and fried, served with chili oil Pipettes❣
  • The Taquitos were divine. Little Tortilla cones were filled with beans, cheese and sour cream, topped with avacodo icecream.
  • Corn Cake Avocado Salsa is warm and inviting appetizer with a bold kick from the salsa! Very light and fluffy these were. You’ll feel like you’re eating a pillow of corn. The avocado salsa and sour creamy foam looked incredible on top. The crispy edges of the grilled corn cakes perfectly complimented the creamy, zesty and spicy Guacamole.
  • Filo Parcels were crisp and baked to perfection, with spicy corn and olives filling. Wonderfully flaky and with a satisfying crunch, filo pastry is an all-round favorite.


Click on the pictures above to see the names 
  • Jalapeno Riso with Grilled Cottage Cheese, for those who love paneer with spiced rice. Must go for this one, its served with pepper sauce and is ultimate love.
  • Love Pizza?! Turn things upside down. This Margherita Upside Down Pizza is an easy comfort food and really clean tasting. Super crispy crust, much thinner, light and crunchy. Covered in Mozzarella cheese and a thin layer of slow-cooked, slightly sweet sauce flecked with herbs.
  • Mr. Z’s favorite main fare from the night was Ravioli Rose, it was of the best ones we’ve had. Pasta sheets stuffed with spinach and ricotta, served with a unique combination of Italian plum tomatoes and creme sauce 😻
  • Risotto Funghi is probably the most renowned of all risotto dishes. The flavors literally explode in the mouth. The thyme, garlic and mushroom works so well against the fresh parsley and tangy lemon. It harmonizes with the cheese to bring a very powerful, rich and aromatic flavor.


  • Got hunger for Tres Leches?! Try this egg-less Mexican dessert served in a deconstructed form, also known as “three milk cake” is extremely dense and ultra-moist, is sweet and delightful. If you really crave for good Tres Leches Cake, Quattro serves one of the best ones.
  • Lastly we were served, A unique combination of Hazelnut Mousse, Candied Hazelnut & Caramelized Popcorn paired with Belgian Chocolate Ice cream 🍨🍫😻

The food is unique – both the presentation and taste. Food is so appealing and delivers to the taste buds as well. Order the right dishes and you’ll end up loving the place. Their amazing unique dishes will keep you satisfied with its flavor and amaze you with its innovations with its ideal balance of ingredients and texture.

Verdict: The fusion of Mexican and Italian cuisine will definitely kick start your journey down the path of an unknown culinary experience that you shall want to repeat. We loved Quattro’s Ambiance, Service and Food presentations. They had excellent service too. Moreover, it’s inexpensive, casual enough for a family dinner and nice enough for a good date. Highly recommended ✔

Location: Opposite Sharaf DG, Kuwait Road, Mankhool, Dubai, UAE

We were invited to dine at Quattro Ristorante on a Bloggers night. All views are our own experience. We provide our audience with honest reviews. This isn’t a paid content.

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